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Home Drainage Project in Rowayton, CT

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Tennis Court Addition in Stamford, CT

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Outdoor Oasis in New Canaan, CT


On the Water in Old Greenwich, CT

Site Work & Excavation

Site preparation and excavation are critical elements in the success of any functional landscape and property. At Femia Landscaping, whether it is a massive project, such as a major yard extension or simply re-grading an area for proper drainage and a rolling vista, we have the knowledge and equipment to prepare the site.


Home Drainage Project

Femia was contacted to solve a complicated drainage problem in the back yard of this Rowayton, CT home. During the discovery phase, we learned that the homeowners planned to add a swimming pool at a later date so we were able to plan accordingly, saving the owners money when it comes time to add the pool.

With our state-of-the-art camera we found a drain that was connected to an infiltrator system and discovered that it had been incorrectly installed by another contractor. With our client and a landscape architecture firm we created a design for the yard that included an extensive drainage system and pump chamber to handle surface water, an infiltrator system, as well as an extension of the patio and addition of a sitting wall.

Tennis Court Addition in
Stamford, CT

A long-time client wanted to add a tennis court to their property and asked us to incorporate it into the existing landscape. Continuation of an existing stone wall (our previous work), additional retaining walls, extensive drainage, and a large native stone step and boulder staircase were included in the project.

Femia Landscaping Westchester, NY Femia Landscaping Westchester, NY Femia Landscaping Westchester, NY


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