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Joanne and I are very appreciative of your help in solving the problems in the garage and your kind offer to supply several of your workers to plant the new things to go in and around the front and sides of the house, as well as the back – so – the attached bill is being paid. It’s our pleasure to once again have a Femia car in our garage.

– Roy, Pound Ridge, NY

Above and beyond the call of duty. That’s exactly why I’ve been a Femia customer for so long. Thanks again.

– Robert, Old Greenwich, CT

What a terrific job! You have made our entire pool area – which was destroyed by last years hurricane – into a new beautiful space …..far better that it ever was. Your advice along the way made all the difference. Your men, the masons and laborers, worked very hard in extremely hot conditions and were always courteous and left our home spotless at the end of each day, We are very pleased that you were able to meet the time dimensions for the project. Most of all, unlike many contractors, you were here a part of everyday consulting with us and working and guiding your men—hands on! The results are terrific. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference. Thanks for a GREAT JOB! If there is one word we would use to describe your business ethic, it would be PRIDE! The quality of the work you produce and the way you conduct business IS something to be very PROUD of.

– Pat, Riverside, CT

Thanks for the great work on Shore Acre. We are VERY happy not to have a damp basement.

– Alan, Riverside, CT

Both commented on what a professional job you were doing at the client’s property – what an excellent job site it is.

– Town Officials (Wetlands and Engineering), New Canaan, CT

Even in moonlight when I got home, I could see that the yard looks amazing — I love the path to the faucet, your handling of the boxwoods, the edging, the flowers — and there is so much more I’m looking forward to seeing in the daylight. Thrilled!

– Susanne, Greenwich, CT

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Tony Femia, as he has done a fantastic job in solving the water issue in our Old Greenwich basement which as you know, was an ongoing problem that we had been trying to solve since we moved into the house.

Tony showed great resourcefulness and tenacity in working with the problem, was excellent with the tenants and in communicating with us despite the time difference.

He hasn’t asked me to refer him to anyone, but I know you have done a lot of waterside homes and I think he is a fantastic resource, so hopefully you will reach out to him and see if there are ways you can work together, as you are both first class professionals.

 – Adrian, Old Greenwich, CT

Jack joins me in thanking you for all that you are doing for our home. I know we will be happy to be here now. You are making it lovely and we both appreciate your time and consideration. You have been so kind. I just do not want to be a bother but it has been such a treat to work with you.

– Pat, New Canaan, CT

I have to pass on to you a compliment I received today about my lawn: “What a beautiful lawn! Whoever is treating your lawn knows what they’re doing.”

– KF, Stamford, CT

As always, you guys are so attentive and our place looks great. Thanks.

– Nicholas, Old Greenwich, CT

Dear Tony, thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to do business with you again.

– Cindy, Riverside, CT

We are very pleased with the result of the work you did on our property. It is amazing how well the grass took and looks. After two unsuccessful tries it is especially gratifying to see the results.

Thanks for doing such a good job.

– Norma, Stamford CT

Thank you Tony Femia!

Top down vs. Bottom up

I was informed that Tony Femia was expensive, but good. Neither appeared accurate.

Instead: He was fair and Fantastic. On a 95 degree day, his men came in like an army. Nonstop, pleasant and unbelievably effective the job was done in two days and the result just spectacular. In fact, the outcome was better than my family could have hoped for. Tony has since twice returned to the site to qualify that all looked well and that I was attending to my responsibility of watering.

My only regret was that I did not have him develop the property previously.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Tony Femia for any landscaping project.

– Robert, Stamford, CT

The article is wonderful and your talents are certainly showcased. You are truly an artist!

– Renee, Stamford, CT

Please let Tony know how happy we are with the way our house looks after the day your men spent there. I left in the morning and saw the men there, and when I came home at 7:50 p.m. last night I saw a beautiful transformation of my property. All neat, all weeded, all mulched, all beds look great, new beautiful shrubs where there were “holes” before, and my backyard looks like it could be in a magazine.

Wow!!! He is truly an artist.

– Ronnie, Stamford, CT

Thanks for dropping around the hose. Appreciate it.

On another point, I wanted to commend you on transforming the lawn into a thing of beauty. I cannot tell you the difference this makes and the comparison to last year is night and day. Fabulous job. I am hoping the owners appreciate the change as it is quite substantial.

– Andrew, Old Greenwich, CT

We have moved and are closing on the house next week. Our new location has a ground maintenance service that will take care of the things we relied on you for. I do want to thank you for the wonderful services you have provided for us. I have been a home owner for many years and the grass in our home since you took over is more beautiful than any time I can remember, in any house we owned. I will give your contact information to the people who purchased our home and recommend that they get in touch with you.

Thanks for your help.

– Sigrid, Greenwich, CT

Thanks for getting this done last week. We appreciate the extra effort despite the adverse conditions. The place looked good for our Memorial Day guests yesterday as a result.

– Doug, New Canaan, CT

It would be my pleasure to give Tony a reference. We are extremely pleased with the way our property looks, with the care they take when they are here, with Tony’s involvement in every aspect and with his knowledge and excellent advice, and the quick response to all of our requests. We couldn’t be happier with you (Femia Landscaping) both personally and professionally.

– Wayne, Stamford, CT

As a user of your services for several years now~ I can say that our grounds have never looked better. Furthermore~ any of the requests my wife or I have made of your crews has been cheerfully and most satisfactorily carried out.

We really appreciate your fine work.

– Art, Westport, CT


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